Ghost Rider - The Final Ride (2002) [UK Import]

Der ultimative Motorrad-Wahnsinn in den Straßen von Schweden!
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Stockholm, Sweden, Summer 2002. A high powered Suzuki emerges from a look-up garage. Both machine and rider almost invisible against the darkness of the background. Soon we are sharing the rider's-eye view at speeds you can barely believe as he blasts his way through the traffic leaving the city.

Can it all be true? Is this some incredible computer game set to warp factor ten? But surely those are actual cars ahead? And those trucks coming the other way look menacingly real! Motorcycle myth, menace to motorists or master of his craft? Perhaps the 'Ghostrider' captured so comprehensively in this remarkable Scandinavian film is all three at once… Or has this guy just escaped from a high security lunatic asylum?

Whatever your own view of these amazing exploits you will not fail to be riverted to the footage recorded from the bike and external cameras along his route. If it has all been set up for a Hollywood blockbuster. You would be very impressed. That this is probably the real thing is almost too scary to contemplate!

Whatever the case, please heed the producer's warning and don't even think about ever riding like this yourself!
Medium DVD
FSK nicht geprüft
Sprache Englisch
Produktionsjahr 2002
Spieldauer ca. 75 Minuten
Bildformat 4:3
Veröffentlichung 18.04.2006
Originaltitel Ghost Rider - The final Ride
Herstellungsland Schweden
Verpackung Keep Case (Amaray)
Regionalcode 0 (All Regions)

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