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Batman - The Complete Animated Series (17 DVDs Box) [US Import]

Artikelnummer: 029293

Die komplette Batman Animated Serie in einer Box!

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All 109 Action-Packed Episodes

Over 35 Hours of Crime-Fighting
When the two shots rang out, Bruce Wayne's life changed forever. He pledged himself to justice, and he held that oath for years. Wearing many names - the Dark Knight, The World's Greatest Detective, the Caped Crusader and Gotham's Greatest Hero - he battled tragic foes like The Joker, Penguin, Mr. Freeze and so many more. But deep inside, he knew that he shared something with them that most of humanity wouldn't understand - a commitment to the fight. The acclaimed, Emmy-winning TV series redefined this complex man as an edgy hero struggling for revenge and redemption each time he donned the cape and cowl, and this Comprehensive 17-Disc DVD Collection contains every episode, with all the allies, criminals and showdowns in Batman's history.

Volume One:
On Leather Wings - Christmas with the Joker - Nothing to Fear - The Last Laugh - Pretty Poison - The Underdwellers - P.O.V. - Forgotten - Be a Clown - Two-Face (Part One) - Two-Face (Part Two) - It's Never Too Late - I've Got Batman in My Basement - Heart of Ice - The Cat and the Claw (Part One) - The Cat and the Claw (Part Two) - See No Evil - Beware of the Gray Ghost - Prophecy of Doom - Feat of Clay (Part One) - Feat of Clay (Part Two) - The Joker's Favor - Vendetta - Fear of Victory - The Clock King - Appointment in Crime Alley - Mad as a Hatter - Dreams in Darkness

Volume Two:
Eternal Youth - Perchance to Dream - The Cape and the Cowl Conspiracy - Robin's Reckoning (Part One) - Robin's Reckoning (Part Two) - The Laughing Fish - Night of the Ninja - Cat Scratch Fever - The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne - Heart of Steel (Part One) - Heart of Steel (Part Two) - If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich? - Joker's Wild - Tyger, Tyger - Moon of the Wolf - Day of the Samurai - Terror in the Sky - Almost Got 'Im - Birds of a Feather - What Is Reality? - I Am the Night - Off Balance - The Man Who Killed Batman - Mudslide - Paging the Crime Doctor - Zatanna - The Mechanic - Harley & Ivy

Volume Three:
Shadow of the Bat (Part One) - Shadow of the Bat (Part Two) - Blind As a Bat - The Demon's Quest (Part One) - The Demon's Quest (Part Two) - His Silicon Soul - Fire from Olympus - Read My Lips - The Worry Men - Sideshow - A Bullet for Bullock - Trial - Avatar - House and Garden - The Terrible Trio - Harlequinade - Time Out of Joint - Catwalk - Bane - Baby-Doll - The Lion and the Unicorn - Showdown - Riddler's Reform - Second Chance - Harley's Holiday - Lock-Up - Make 'Em Laugh - Deep Freeze - Batgirl Returns

Volume Four:
Holiday Knights - Sins of the Father - Cold Comfort - Double Talk - You Scratch My Back - Never Fear - Joker's Millions - Growing Pains - Love Is a Croc - Torch Song - The Ultimate Thrill - Over the Edge - Mean Seasons - Critters - Cult of the Cat - Animal Act - Old Wounds - The Demon Within - Legends of the Dark Knight - Girls' Nite Out - Mad Love - Chemistry - Beware the Creeper - Judgment Day


Kevin Altieri, Kent Butterworth, Boyd Kirkland
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Englisch (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), Französisch (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), Spanisch (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround)
Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch
ca. 2379 Minuten
DVD Features
New Bonus Disc Documentary Shades of the Bat: Batman's Animated Evolution, 8 In-Depth Featurettes, Commentaries on 12 Episodes with Animation Creators, An Exclusive 40-Page Collector's Book Including Never-Before-Seen Production Artwork
Batman: The Animated Series
Box Set
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