The Eric Rohmer Collection (8 DVDs Box) [UK Import]

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8 Filme des Meisterregisseurs Eric Rohmer in einer Box!
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Eric Rohmer is one of France's most celebrated directors. This collection brings together eight of his most influential works, including all six of his Comedies and Proverbs.

The Aviator's Wife: Francois loves Anne. However, his night-job at the post office means they rarely get to spend much time together. One day, he sees her leaving home with her ex, Christian, who had come to break up with her for good. Reeling from the news, Anne lets Francois fall prey to his jealous imagination. Obsessed, Francois decides to stay up all night. As he wanders, desolate, through the streets of Paris, he comes across his rival sitting in a cafe with a blonde-haired woman. Intruiged, he follows them...

A Good Marriage: Headstrong Sabine, has tired of affairs with married men, such as Simon. Her best friend Clarisse introduces her lawyer cousin Edmond to Sabine. Encouraged by Clarisse, Sabine impetuously decides that she will marry Edmond. When confronted by Sabine, Edmond is forced to explain why he is not ready for matrimony!

Pauline At The Beach: Recently divorced, Marion decides to spend the end of summer in the family beach house on the Normandy coast. She takes her young cousin Pauline, who is delighted to prolong her holidays, along with her. At the beach they meet up with Pierre, Marion's ex-lover who introduces his friend Henri. While at the local casion, Pierre confesses his love to Marion but she is now attracted to Henri. Meanwhile, Pauline has met Sylvain...

Full Moon In Paris: Louise lives with Remi in Marne-la-Vallee. He is an architect, she an interior decorator. Their lives would be perfect if Remi were less of a homebody, and if Louise were not such a night owl. Louise rents a pied-a-terre in Paris. Octave, her friend and confidante, is always ready to accompany her during her night prowls. One evening, beneath a full moon and Octave's jealous eye, she succumbs to the charms of a sensual dancer...

The Green Ray: Delphine's travelling companion cancels 2 weeks before her holiday, so Delphine is at a loose end. She doesn't want to travel by herself, but has no boyfriend and seems unable to meet new people. A friend takes her to Cherbourg; after a few days there, the self pitying Delphine goes back home. She tries the Alps, but returns the same day. Next, it's the beach; once there, she chats with an outgoing Swede, a party girl; then suddenly, Delphine bolts, heading back again. On her way, a young man catches her eye...

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend: In the outskirts of Paris, a young clerk befriends Lea. Lea is going steady with Fabien, who is a friend to Alexandre, who is going steady with Adrienne, but is loved by Blanche. Somehow a way has to be found to get out of this emotional chaos.

Love In The Afternoon: Frederic leads a bourgeois life; he is a partner in a small Paris office and is happily married to Helene, who is expecting her second child. In the afternoons, Frederic daydreams about other women, but has no intention of taking any action. One day, Chloe, who had been a mistress of an old friend, begins dropping by his office. They meet as friends, irregularly in the afternoons, till eventually Chloe decides to seduce Frederic...

The Marquise Of O: In 1799 Russian general Souvarof spearheads the invasion of Italy. Left alone as her father commands a force in the thick of battle against the Russians, the beautiful young widow the Marquis of O is captured and violated by Count F, a Russian lieutenant she mistook for her saviour. Unconscious at the time of the attack she has no recollection of events and only when she begins to experience strange feelings and sensations does she realise that she may be carrying Count F's child.
Medium DVD
Darsteller Beatrice Romand, Feodor Atkine, Andre Dusollier, Bernard Verley, Zouzou u.v.a.
Regisseur Eric Rohmer
FSK ab 16 Jahren
Sprache Französisch (Dolby Digital 2.0)
Untertitel Englisch
Produktionsjahr 1972-1987
Spieldauer ca. 771 Minuten
DVD Features Interviews, Eric Rohmer Short Films, Trailers
Bildformat 4:3
Veröffentlichung 23.05.2005
Herstellungsland Frankreich
Verpackung Digipak
Regionalcode 2 (Europa)

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